Pink Cactus Flowers

Pink Cactus Flowers – Square format art prints for Home Decor and Accessories

Pink Cactus Flowers Art Print featuring the digital art Pink Cactus Flowers - Digital Art by Tatiana Travelways

These are pink cactus flowers I photographed in the Mohave Desert, Arizona during the month of May. I was surprised to see how many beautiful flowers there are in the desert at spring time. There are many types of cacti and they all bloom almost at the same time of the year. Mohave Desert is a high desert, so the moths of May and June is the time to see them.

I made my original photograph as a digital painting for a more artistic look and it’s available as square format prints, but not only.

Pink Cactus flower -art print  square format as accessories

If you like bags, this is a tote bag that can add an accent of color to your outfit. Click on it to see more details and options:

Pink Desert Flower- tote bag art print

Pink Cactus flower -art print  square format for Home Decor:

Here is a pink floral shower curtain to bring happiness to your bathroom. Click on the image for more info:

 Pink Cactus Flowers - Digital Art Shower Curtain by Tatiana Travelways

… and this is a pink floral square pillow to brighten and refresh any room in your house. – Click on the image for options on sizes and prices:

 Pink Cactus Flowers - Digital Art Throw Pillow by Tatiana Travelways

Now, I have a surprise for you… 🙂

Do you want to have the most colorful pink round beach towel?
Here is what it can look like:

Pink cactus flowers - round beach towel by Tatiana Travelways

Click on the link to see more Cactus Art and Gift Ideas in my gallery at Fine Art America

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