Street Numbers Urban Art

I saw this cool modern urban art created with street numbers in Frieburg, Germany. During our travels, I visited quite a few countries, but I can tell you that the Germans are the most creative ever. I have also visited several places in Italy and sure, their artistic talent is very well known, but the Germans are different. Click my link to see some more gift ideas with pictures I took in Germany.

Street number wall mural

One of the things I don’t like when looking for an address, is that you hardly can see or find the street number. I don’t really understand why people are trying  to hide them, of make them too small. Surely I cannot complain about this way of showing the numbers πŸ˜‰ You can see them even without looking for the address.. I think that this can be considered as a social good sense πŸ™‚ The postman will find this place easy too, ha, ha… πŸ™‚ The street number is obviously 7090, but made so creatively! in fact, everything on that wall was painted, even the mailing box.

Street Numbers Urban Art prints for gift ideas

I definitely had to photograph this -so cool urban art! Not only, but I also made it available as art print for many purposes. Just click on the images for options. Here for instance is how it can look like as wall decor, in my POD (Print On Demand) galleries. By clicking on the pictures you can see it framed, as canvas, acrylic, metal or wood print:

Street number mural framed print for office decor
Street number mural art print on the wall

But the painted wall with street numbers can also make some cool fashion ideas: T-shirts, leggings, dresses and more… Look at some of them here, and click on them to see more:

Street number mural T-shirt
Street number mural Dress
Street number mural leggins

I also have other ideas for your home, or office. A comforter, pillow, mouse pad, or even a cool baseball cap, are just a few… Well, click on them for more gift ideas:

Street number mural comforter
Mouse pad
Baseball cap

I hope you found this image of street numbers urban art to be cool too πŸ™‚ Please tell me if you like it!

“I updated this page today, but I initially posted it to: “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Number” | Art Unexpected

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  1. This is certainly a colorful graphic. The numbers are so obvious to me but maybe that’s the unexpected part πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining this week’s challenge – Sandy

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