Yellow is the color of the sun and happiness

Yellow is the color of the sun. It’s bright, it’s joyful, it’s attractive.

** Maybe that’s why in nature most of the flowers are yellow. Apparently insects like this color too, and pollination happens πŸ™‚

This is how it can look like framed, and mounted on the wall:

Yellow is the color of the sun - Bright Yellow flowers on a borring gray wall

Yellow is the color of happiness

I read someplace that if you wear yellow on a particular day, you will have a happy day. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I know yellow makes me feel more optimistic. BTW, I sold this Blooming Chrysanthemum flower A-Line Dress from my RedBubble gallery:

Here are some more pictures for wearable yellow, great for gift giving too. Click on them to see many more options:

Yellow is a color that will always pop wherever it appears, especially against a darker background or a contrasting blue sky. Here is an ink painting made from my original photograph of blooming yellow cactus flowers in Arizona, in my Society 6 gallery:
(I deleted this image by mistake but I will eventually re-upload it)

Yellow cactus flowers in Arizona, ink painting Society 6
Yellow cactus flowers in Arizona, ink painting

But, you don’t need to put it in a dark space to have it shine. For instance, this is a luminous picture of a Mediterranean flower I photographed in the Mohave desert, Arizona at springtime. See how it gives life to a room with a boring flat colored wall?

Yellow is the color of the sun, therefore it can heal

BTW: Did you know that cheerful pictures can help ill people heal faster and feel better? Hospitals are known as being depressive places, especially with their bare boring and cold empty walls. Some healing centers in the world studied this and started to use art therapy, with great results.
I’m proud to say that five of my pictures have been chosen to be displayed in hospitals all over the world as healing art! Guess what: some of them are Yellow… so, I’m right πŸ™‚ They are all available in my Fine Art America gallery. Just clock on them for details:

Healing yellow pictures for wall decor

– Breaking the gold space – A picture I took in Ottawa, Canada

– Peace on Earth – Ancient church wall in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico

– Spring flowers in the sunlight, a manually painted photo using the digital media

I actually have a whole “Healing Art” gallery in my Fine Art America store with many gift ideas

When you click on any of the images above, you can get many more ideas for happy gifts.
This is an old post that I just updated today with new pictures and ideas. Thank you for visiting Giftsmart!

A Photo a Week: Yellow

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