Bedtime in the rural Quebec the “perch” idea

I saw this scene at bedtime in the rural Quebec, and I was attracted by it. A while ago I incorporated it on my “Power lines photography can be beautiful!” post on That’s because I think they can be, but it depends… 🙂

However, this is not that much about power lines, but about birds perching on them. – I really like watching birds especially against a beautiful sky. It was not yet sunset, but the time of the golden light in the evening, which made that french style barn pop against the blue sky. I couldn’t I have asked for more! I took the shot of this flock of birds over the roof of the barn – it was there for me 🙂

Bedtime art print for gift ideas

This is how the french barn with the birds aligned can look like when printed for wall decor. Pictures look so much nicer framed don’t they? 🙂

French barn and birds at bed time

I also made a mock-up simulating the framed print on a wall in a nicely decorated room 🙂

Bed time art print on the wall

You can also see it as a canvas print wall decor in a bedroom, from my gallery. Just click on it for print materials and options:

Bedtime canvas print for wall decor in the bedroom

But the picture is also available as a duvet – talking about bedtime :), a shower curtain and many other home decor ideas… Click on the images for options!

BTW: Do you feel like counting how many birds are perching on the lines? Than, a puzzle would be just perfect for you 🙂

Thank you for visiting my GiftSmart website! 🙂

For the fun of challenges, I uploaded this blog/post a while ago for:

Pull up a Seat WP Photo Challenge – Taking the “perch” idea literally | Photo a day: Birds
I updated it now with more gift ideas, and for the always fun of WP challenges, I posted it to:

WP Daily challenge: #Flock- #YDWordPrompt

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