Maman the Giant Spider

You cannot miss Maman the Giant Spider, an urban art sculpture in Ottawa, Canada.

The National Gallery of Art in Ottawa has placed it in front of its entrance. As a matter of fact, Maman (French for Mother) is part of a series of spiders made by this French-Canadian artist, and it’s nothing to be scary. Louise Bourgeois – the artist, believes that spiders are good friendly creatures – she’s right.

She made this piece of art, in the memory of her own beloved mother. It is an artistic expression inspiring a mother’s love and protection. Well, every female creature in the nature can be a mother, right?
BTW: The spider sculpture is 30 feet high and under her core body she has a bag full of 26 white marble eggs. It’s like an incubator for the future spiderlings – so to say πŸ™‚ Is it not FANTASTIC?

As I like to take silhouettes and photos with light/dark contrast, I also took a shot of it in a winter sunset. In those conditions, my picture below looks a little different. As a matter of fact, I wanted to show it like a creepy creature coming from the outer space…  And because I often like to joke, I first called my photo: “They’re Here!” πŸ™‚

I also made a version of the above photo digitally adjusted, so the mother spider silhouette stands against a starry night at dusk:

I uploaded them both on my Fine Art America website under Ottawa gallery. By clicking on them you can see all the available art prints for wall or home decor, accessories and gift ideas.

Maman the Giant Spider Art Prints

As a print, the giant sculpture in the sunset light can make a unique wall decor for any room:

Framed above the living-room sofa:

… And non framed, as simple art print, canvas, acrylic or metal:

Gift Ideas

Many other prints for home decor and accessories are available. I think however that these pictures can make great puzzles, if you are into that kind of recreational activity. Jut take a look and click of them to chose the level of difficulty you want πŸ™‚

As I explained, there’s nothing creepy about this sculpture. However, the picture can create some rather unusual – so to say, gift ideas… On Halloween for instance, it can make a unique Tote Bag or Carry-all pouch. Just click on them to see many more gift ideas:

I also uploaded it to my Redbubble gallery, where the choice of products and gifts is somehow different. My Chiffon Tops and Bags seem to be quite popular and fashionable – I sold a few of them already.. Just take a look:

As you noticed, the mysterious spider silhouette at twilight, projected on the winter sky at the time of the setting sun can make unique gift ideas. many other products. What about a Floor Pillow?

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