Christmas baubles and presents at FAA

I just participated in Christmas baubles and presents, an exciting challenge at Fine Art America for four days. Lots of creative artwork and lots of talent there, including my own πŸ˜‰ Actually you can certainly call this “Yuletide“, because these ornaments usually stay on all the holiday time.

I don’t know about you, but I adore Christmas decorations, appear on all my images. As per the gifts, you will find them right here inside my GiftSmart post πŸ™‚

So, here is my participation, and all my images except one are based photos I took in Las Vegas and edited for this occasion:

Day 1: Winter Holidays at Bellagio, Las Vegas

My picture shows the Bellagio Hotel lobby in Las Vegas, decorated for the winter holidays, making you feel like you entered in the fairyland. It features an interior courtyard of a luxurious antique Italian villa with columns, arches, and windows, plus winter decorations. Everything looks like coming from a fairy-tale from the pine trees, icicles hanging stars, plus the dreamland colors. You can read more about the Las Vegas Bellagio Botanical Garden at wintertime in my blog: Winter Theme at Bellagio Las Vegas
Click on the images for art prints and gift ideas:

Wall Decor

Winter Holidays at Bellagio, Las Vegas art print on the wall
Winter Holidays at Bellagio, Las Vegas framed print on the wall

Products: Well, this image has so many interesting elements and details, that I think it’s very appropriated for a puzzle. 500 pieces and also 1000 pieces are available – just click to see:

Another idea are the Christmas ornaments, which look so nice with this colorful image. They are made out of wood (all natural) and equipped with a string and magnet for multiple ways of use. There are six in total, but here, I’m showing you just three of them:

Day 2: Luxurious Christmas Globe

Close up on a Luxurious Christmas Globe as a holiday decoration at Bellagio hotel in Las vegas, for the winter celebration display. I made my original travel photograph painterly using several techniques on the iPad. To be honest I’m not very proud of this image, and I will change it with the original photograph soon πŸ™‚

Wall Decor – BTW, in terms of wall decor, you can chose from simple prints to canvas, acrylic, metal, framed prints and more. Just click on the images to find out all the options:

Products: again, this image has many details so it can make a great puzzle at your choice of difficulty:

Day 3: Christmas euphoria

This is the only image that’s not based on a photo from Las Vegas. It is an expressionist image symbolizing the of the Christmas euphoria, and I made it using several techniques as an ipad art painting. The Christmas tree with lots of ornaments, baubles, and colors is shown as an explosion of joy, happiness and excitement, full of energy.

Wall decor – click to see all the options:

Products – Now this will definitely make a good puzzle if you are into abstract colorful Christmas art. Just chose the level of difficulty you want it to be:

Christmas euphoria Jigsaw Puzzle by Tatiana Travelways

The Christmas ornaments are as colorful and happy as the image itself. Here are just three of them, but when you click you can find three more πŸ™‚

Day 4: Winter exotic bird at Palazzo, Las Vegas

This huge majestic white bird resembling somehow to a peacock, made me look, and look and admiring it for a few long minutes. She was standing in a fairyland like silver and golden winter display with yellow poinsettias, icy bare trees, and even some icicles hanging on them. In addition to all the ornaments around her, she was wearing a beautiful royal like silver necklace with rubies. Just click on it for a closer view:

As always I will start with the Art Prints, in which Fine Art America excels. You will find simple prints, framed prints, canvas, acrylic, metal and more. Just have a look and chose the one that fits your needs:

Products: Puzzle, yes sure – lots of elements to be challenging πŸ™‚ Just choose your level of difficulty:

There are many more gift ideas to choose from, like coffee mugs, phone cases, spiral notebooks and others. However, for this time of the year, I’ll go again with Christmas ornaments. Here I chose for you three of them. Click on the images to see more:

Thank you for visiting my GiftSmart website for Winter Holidays gift ideas! πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

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