Christmas cookies funny tale

Christmas cookies funny tale with a childish question: “Do cookies have feelings?” This is actually the title of this image that I uploaded to my Fine Art America galley.  I made it for a photography contest with the theme “Comic or Tragic”. The photo certainly didn’t mean to touch the tragic side, but just to have fun πŸ™‚ …

It was at Christmas time and I bought these gingerbread snowmen at the food market. – We were in Ontario, Canada at that time. For the purpose of the theme, I took a bite from one πŸ™‚ After that, I put them both on a red background made from a silicone cooking pad. Obviously, I changed the smile of the one on the right side in Photoshop. This was the only digital alteration – other that that, it’s just pure photography.

I have to confess that by doing this picture I felt like I was deeply attached sentimentally to these two cookies, and somehow guilty… That inspired me to the title.

Well, I hope I achieved a comical image, good for having fun at Winter holidays time πŸ™‚

Christmas cookies funny tale prints and gift ideas

I hope that the cookies image can make a good amusing gift idea. It can look nice on the wall in the kid’s room or in any room of your house. It will make you smile, relax and fill the nostalgia of being a kid again πŸ™‚

This is how it can look over a counter. Many types of prints are available though, like framed print, canvas, acrylic and more. Just click on the image to see all the options:

It can also make a whimsical  Season’s Greeting Card… πŸ™‚

Want an amusing gift for holidays? I suggest this cute Christmas cookies Carry-all Pouch. – It can be filled with cookies at the party when nobody’s looking – ha, ha, just kidding πŸ™‚

What it’s more exciting for the season thought, are the Ornaments. I have several shapes in my gallery, and they are made out of wood. You can hang or stick them with the provided string and magnet. Just take a look:

I invite you to check my Winter Holidays gallery at Fine Art America for more seasonable gift ideas. Thank you for visiting, and Happy Winter Holidays!

For the fun of challenges:

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