Mystical Light

Mystical Light coming from the church

Mystical light at the church - Mabou, Cape breton, Nova Scotia

Mabou  is a small historic Celtic village on the West Coast of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, in  Inverness County.

It was the end of the day and our visit to this village, and we were quite tired. Leaving this place we drove by this beautiful church. I was struck by the incredible almost mystical  light coming from behind it and shining through its windows. That back sunlight created the illusion that there was some fire inside the church 🙂

I do believe that something exists out there much more powerful than us, whether we are religious or not.  This image can eventually have some symbolism to it and even some significance… No secret that the light and the dark are part of our existence. We cannot exist without accepting these two elements. When they come to a balance, it can be beautiful 🙂

I think that this image can make a nice decorative print with a significance,  (if only travel significance) on a wall in your home. Click on it to see all the printing options:

Light and dark at the church, framed art print

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