Releasing baby turtles into the Pacific Ocean in Mexico

It was one kind of experience to participate in at  “El Tortugario” Ecological Center in Cuyutlan, Mexico.
It is called “hatchling”, and a lot of one-day-old baby turtles were released into the Pacific Ocean from the nursery. This is an event that attracts locals and tourists every year. People simply come to assist these little creatures with their first contact with the water. Lucky us to be there at the right time, without even knowing about it πŸ™‚

Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Framed Print gray

 * The image above shows a grey framed art print from my own gallery at Fine Art America , where I uploaded it.

Releasing the baby turtles into the ocean

For me it was very impressive, because they were so small and beautiful, but at the same time so fragile…
I held them in my hands and put them slowly on the beach… Some went in the direction of the water, but some didn’t know what to do, so we gently directed them πŸ™‚

We watched the little turtles going on their first and decisive life adventure. It was not easy… Every single obstacle was a challenge for them, starting with the irregularities of the sand and the foot prints, to the actual contact with the cold water. Some even didn’t have the courage to take the plunge, and they were coming back πŸ™‚ – Well, what to expect from one-day-old baby turtles that hadn’t even seen water before?

Art Prints and Gift Ideas

Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Art Print wall
Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Art Print counter

I decided to make a collage with all those instances in the process of releasing baby turtles. I thought it could be more comprehensive. The image is available as art print and I think it can be a great decor for your children room , along with other prints of animals.  Just click on it to see the printing options. You will also find it as canvas, print, metal print or acrylic print in several sizes, depending on your needs.

Baby turtles art prints for Accessories for Gift Ideas

Besides the art prints for wall decor, this image is also available as products for Home Decor. A Coffee Mug, or a decorative Trow Pillow  are just two examples – click on them to see options:

Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Coffee Mug by Tatiana Travelways
Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Throw Pillow by Tatiana Travelways

… but my gallery contains several more gift ideas. You may be attracted by a Phone Case – the most popular is of course the iPhone 13. A Note Book can be a good choice for a gift too… Just browse and decide for yourself πŸ™‚

Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage iPhone 13 Case by Tatiana Travelways
Releasing Baby Turtles into Water - Collage Spiral Notebook by Tatiana Travelways

Thank you for visiting my GiftSmart website, I hope you will come back soon! πŸ™‚

** BTW, here below you can see some of the compliments I received for this image from fellow artists at Fina Art America:

“A creative and charming image, Tatiana!”
Steve Harrington

Congratulations, your creative and unique art work is Featured on the homepage of the “Out Of The Ordinary” group! Lyric Lucas

Super interesting and they are so cute !! Congratulations, your gorgeous work has been chosen for Special feature gallery in Kingdom Animalia. Miroslava Jurcik

Love this superb and unique collage Tatiana – Trudee Hunter

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  1. What a wonderful experience and one that so many of us are unlikely to have. Thank you for sharing with us and many thanks for linking to us at Weekly Prompts. ?

  2. What a nice experience Tatiana! I have watched a documentary about those turtles and it’s just like you say, everything is an obstacle for them, even what looks like the most insignificant thing to our eyes. They are so cute! It’s great that you could live such good experience πŸ™‚ lovely collage!

    • Thank you Eduardo! Yes to our eyes small obstacles are insignificant but for them it’s different… and I didn’t say that only about 1 per thousand (or something like that) will survive… πŸ™

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