After the Party

This is an After the Party scene I saw in a backyard in Canada after Halloween. Some still nice looking pumpkins were stacked together on a backyard bench in the trash corner.

** For those who don’t know, pumpkins originate in North America. The tradition of carving them dates back to the 1800’s, started by English and Irish emigrants. They found that the round shape and the hollow interior made these vegetables perfect for Halloween lanterns.. Carved with funky/scary faces and a candle inside, they were called Jack-o-Lanterns.

At the first sight I thought it was humorous. That’s because they were like a bunch of drunken people the day after πŸ™‚

At second glance (I’m not myopic, ha, ha…), the scene touched my heart. The artistically carved pumpkins were ready to be discarded. Once proud Jack-o-Lanterns, they were not fun anymore. Halloween was over, along with their glory.

What was more touching was that some maintained their grinning face even if it was a little crooked πŸ™‚ Never lose hope I guess was their last message.

After the party funny poster

But hey, c’est la vie… Poor pumpkins can still make a funny poster as an After the Party holiday decor for those who appreciate a little humor πŸ™‚

After the party framed funny poster

After The Party Gift Ideas

Framed or not, poster, canvas or acrylic print, this is what it can look like on your wall:

After the Party canvas art print

A Coffee Mug or a Note Book with the funny pumpkins can also make creative gift ideas:

[ezcol_1half]After The Party Coffee Mug[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]After The Party Spiral Notebook[/ezcol_1half_end]

Click on the images for gifts options prices and print details!

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