Winds of Guatemala a puzzling photo

Winds of Guatemala is the story Graham wrote about this unusual photo of mine:

“The bridge was haunted.
It was the talk of the village.
Evelin had been jostled and Maynor had been knocked down.
Nobody wanted to use the bridge.
A specialist came from Guatemala City.
With a super ultra-rapid camera he discovered the running boy.
Catching him would be a problem…” See it here

Winds of Guatemala - boy running on a bridge crossing the highway

Winds of Guatemala – Ha, ha,… this describes exactly the feeling I had when I took this photo in Guatemala. I just love the way Graham captured the mood of this picture! 🙂

There’s nothing wrong with the running boy… In Guatemala or Mexico you often see bridges like this crossing the highways. However that structure of metal lines and squares under the moving clouds struck my eyes. Was that running boy real? The whole scene was there at the right moment to be photographed… This is how the story of Winds of Guatemala has been born with Graham’s help 🙂 It looks a little surrealistic to say the least…

Winds of Guatemala gift ideas

Does this photo look a little creepy? Well, I don’t really think so. It can be a little puzzling though, enough to give you a little chill up the spine 🙂 That’s why I decided to make it as a black and white picture.

I also think that it can look interesting as a print over the counter:

Bou running on a highway bridge in Guatemala

If you like it, just click on it more details.

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