Small Suspended Garden In Mexico

I photographed this small suspended garden in Guanajuato, Mexico.

It was just a small balcony on a narrow street going up the hill.  As small as it was, the balcony was full of flowers. Some were filing the inside space and others were hanging over the railing. My initial reaction was to smile, but soon it turned into admiration. The house owner obviously would have liked to have a real garden but they couldn’t. The space available was not enough for that. They found the solution: a small suspended garden. And it was beautiful I think. Mexicans definitely like colors. You can see this on all those houses on the hillsides of Guanajuato. The balcony door was nicely contrasting with the orange wall, and the blue flower pots were just popping. It was a nice small suspended garden creatively done, and I enhanced it with a painterly look made in the digital media:

Small suspended garden Guanajuato framed Tatiana Travelways

As I liked it so much, I tried to be creative myself and made a digital painted version of it.

Small Suspended Garden Gift Ideas

I think that the colorful small suspended garden can make a nice decor in any room in your home.

Small suspended garden Guanajuato art print-wall

It can also make some great gift ideas for a home warming event, like pillow cover or shower curtain. Click on them to see all the options:

Small Suspended Garden In Mexico - Digital Paint Throw Pillow by Tatiana Travelways
Small Suspended Garden In Mexico - Digital Paint Shower Curtain by Tatiana Travelways

There are many other products and gift ideas, but the Jigsaw Puzzles are relatively  new to this site. and there are two levels of difficulty: 500 and 1.000 pieces – choose the right one for you! πŸ™‚

Small Suspended Garden In Mexico - Digital Paint Jigsaw Puzzle by Tatiana Travelways

Just click on the images to see more options, print types, sizes and prices.

BTW: This picture has been featured in several galleries at Fine Art America, like :
“Arts Fantastic World”
“Images That Excite You”
“Camera Art”

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back to my GiftSmart website for great coming gift ideas!

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  1. Fantastic ideas to turn your photos into graphic art products. I have used redbubble before for transferring my painted designs onto merchandise. This angle is even better as it inspires folks to see what they can do with a product and they can click on the post right there. Instant gratification, but oh so creative. I love the colour harmony you found here!

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