The Ghost Rider

I called this photo The Ghost Rider because it looks like a nebulous thing passing by… πŸ™‚

This was an example of motion blur photography I gave in my article: “To Focus or Not To Focus” at Sometimes I like playing with this kind of shooting.Β  It’s not only fun, but the results are quite provocative. That’s why I decided to make it as a separate post.

Standing on the sidewalk, I noticed this bike rider coming from far, and I anticipated the scene. To make the image more interesting, I positioned myself in front of the pedestrian crosswalk. This way I had a fixed point of reference. My camera was set to manual focus and at slow speed.Β  From here, taking the photo was just a matter of clicking at the right moment. I clicked and the ghost rider on his bike became part of my motion photography art gallery πŸ™‚

Ghost rider black and white Framed Print by Tatiana Travelways

There was no point to take this photo in color, since all I wanted to obtain was a simple fuzzy silhouette of the rider. The result is a Black and White photo, quite interesting I think.

The Ghost Rider as Gift Ideas

Silhouettes can create nice images to hang on your wall, butΒ  when in motion they can become unique pieces of artistic photography… Here is an example of how the moving ghost rider can look like framed, above the living-room sofa. There are however many printing options and sizes. Click on the image for details!

The Ghost Rider framed art print

Thank you for visiting my GiftSmart website, and I hope you will come back for more gift ideas!

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