Eyes Wide Shut – Stanley Kubrick’s Movie Interpretation Art Print

This is my digital work interpreting the Eyes Wide Shut movie by Stanley Kubrick. I made it for a photography contest some years ago, using original images I took while traveling in Germany.

There is no real nudity – the bodies in the background are mannequins that I found in a store window display, that was in course of being refurbished 🙂 * I’m proud to say that the image got the 3rd place in the contest!

Life is like a movie I would say… and it’s all about connection. Not only, but  the way we think about the connections we make and accept to be part of our existence. Well, I’m not good in words and philosophy, so I’ll let you think about my image your way.

As I said, I was proud of being appreciated on the above mentioned contest. Therefore, I thought that my work was worth being uploaded to my Fine Art America gallery.

Eyes Wide Shut – Stanley Kubrick’s Movie Interpretation Art Print and Gift Ideas

So, if you liked that movie and my interpretation of it, here is what it can look like framed. Click on it to see all the options and details!

Eyes wide shut art print framed

Framed or not framed, this picture can look great on your office or room where children don’t care to go too often… It is a cultural image, but only for people mature enough to understand and appreciate it.
You may also opt for a canvas, metal, acrylic or wood print, depending on how you want to decorate your walls.

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