Purple on the water

Purple on the water โ€“ Art prints for Home Decor and Gift Ideas

The colors of purple, blue or violet always bring relaxation and peace of mind, along with some light mystery … And amethyst  is one of my favorite stones. It’s interesting that in nature you can see these colors whether it is at sunset or sunrise.

Here below are some pictures I took in two totally different places and conditions, but featuring the beautiful purple color on the water. They are all available in my Fine Art America Gallery as art prints for wall, home decor, and many gift ideas. Just click on them to see the options.

Purple on the water at sunset in Germany

This is a photograph I took during a foggy evening on Lake Constance, Germany at sunset. It was at spring time. While walking around the lake, the bare tree branches with light and purple colors behind, attracted my view. – It was a must to take silhouettes shot. I think it makes a nice decorative picture inspiring tranquility and serenity.

The next two photographs I’m showing here are from a totally different environment, but with more or less same colors.

Purple on the water in Mexico

I’m not often willing to get up early in the morning and take pictures, but the incredible water of the Caribbean sea in Cancun inspired me to do it. I also used my tripod which I rarely do and tried my hand on a slow speed – long exposure shot at the rise of the sun. The nuances of purple and blue are a little different because the sea in Cancun is unbelievably turquoise. However, in the sunrise light the whole thing was almost violet. The final result is another peaceful and inspiring image.

But the end of the day can be even more purple. This is what I had the wonderful chance to see in Mazatlan

All there pictures can make great decorative accents in your home and also some inspiring gift ideas. Here is how they can look like as framed art in a living-room:

Sunset on the Lake, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Sunrise on the beach, Cancun, Mexico
End of the Beach Day in Mazatlan, Mexico

Well, if you like the purple color, especially purple on the water, you may like the gift ideas available in my gallery. They are are available as accent pillows, colorful tote bags, shower curtains, beach towels and much more… Just click on any of them to see all the options

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  1. Iโ€™ve found it โ€œveryโ€ tough to get up early, especially before twilight to catch the whole sunrise, but goodness! Look at what you captured, Tatiana! Also liked the commentary โ€˜bout the light there that part of Mexico. Iโ€™d always heard it was beautiful, but this is one of the few pics Iโ€™ve seen of there that make me believe it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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