Thanksgiving Celebration

While the intent of the Thanksgiving celebration was to express gratitude to God, today it has less of religious significance.
As we know, in North America and several other countries in the World people are celebrating this day at autumn season. The tradition is still mainly related to the abundance of food at the harvest time, but not only. In this day, we reunite with our families and our loved ones to give thanks and express appreciation.

For this occasion I got some images I photographed at the local markets, but also some digitally made creations. I uploaded them all to my Fine Art America gallery of images and they are available as prints and many gift ideas.

Let’s start with some red apples and specific autumn produce:

Mouth watering red apples in a basket for sale at the market in Ottawa, Canada

The autumn colors are so diverse, and for the Thanksgiving celebration, we sure enjoy them all. It’s about abundance, fulfillment and prosperity.

Red apples at Byward Market, Ottawa
Farmer’s hand holding a mouth watering apple, proudly showing his freshly picked red apples.
Thanksgiving stylized art with pumpkins and other goodies

Prints for wall decor are available on many versions, like framed art, canvas, acrylic, metal and more. Besides that, many products for home decor are just ready to decorate your home. Just click on the images to see them all.

But, what is more representative for the Thanksgiving celebration other than the turkey? Stylized or real, the taste will be the same – guaranteed πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving turkey abstract art

… And here below, I made other two abstract stylized images of the symbolic bird:

Thanksgiving greeting cards are available too, and here are just a few examples:

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