Frosted fence by the lake

I photographed this frosted fence by the lake in a beautiful morning of October. At that time I happened to in Prince Eduard County, Ontario. Check my post on for the whole story on my October morning by the lake. This beautiful place made me step out of my comfort zone, to take some nature photography.

It was a little chilly, but the frost on the ground and the great light were gorgeous, so I decided to stay longer and explore… The perspective of the fence attracted with the peaceful lake in the background attracted my eyes.

Frosted fence by the lake products gift ideas

This fence photo is available as art print for wall decor in my gallery at Fine Art America. The most common is the black plain frame that goes with everything, but there are many other beautiful frames. It’s up to your decorating needs to chose the one you like. You can also chose between the style pf the print. For instance, you can opt for a canvas print, acrylic or metal print.

For example, this is how a simple print can look on your wall – it depends on the size, of course. Here is a small version that can be hanged above the counter:

October morning frost in Ontario Art Print Wall

As per gift ideas, you may want something different, related to your targeted recipients. For instance, you have the options home decor, accessories, electronics of life style items. I can suggest a few, but just click on them for more:

Check my Ontario FAA gallery for more gift ideas from Canada.

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