Autumn colors and foliage photography

Autumn colors are always a subject for great photography. Fall is by definition the season when nature goes to rest, but it does this in a spectacular way.

I took all the photos below in Canada. * Click on them to see a larger clearer format.

In terms of autumn colors, what strikes the eye first are the bright yellows, like in these water reflections in Ontario, Canada.

Even the yellow foliage of a single tree can create a beautiful image to look at. Here are two photographs I took in Nova Scotia, Canada. I digitally altered them, one  as an impressionist painting, the other as an oil painting:

When the leaves change color and the branches start to lose their summer coat, it’s easier to see the sun shining through. I borrowed a glowing star from Mother Nature in this picture πŸ˜‰

Along with the yellows, in the fall beautiful reds also replace the summer greens. Honestly speaking, autumn colors create more visual stimulation and attract the eye. – It’s exciting to look at them! Isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Autumn red leaves art print and gift ideas

But there is so much transformation happening to the foliage in the fall, and so much variation…

Red and rusty autumn colors art print and gift ideas

It doesn’t take long for rust, orange and burned sienna colors to appear. Is the nature dying or going throw a beautiful transformation?

Autumn fiery orange trees art print

Ferns are some of my favorite type of leaves to photograph in cooper and gold shades:

Cooper and gold ferns art prints and gift ideas

Depending on the vegetation, orange shades can sometimes be quite bright and bold. Fiery orange is actually a common autumn color.

Fiery orange autumn colors

I reserved for the end these fiery trees mirroring on the water of Dows Lake, Ottawa:

All these autumn colors can make beautiful prints to color your walls and home. Check my Fine Art America gallery to see more and find all the options. They can make beautiful accessories too, and of course great gift ideas.

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