Stars are Magical

Stars are magical I think… That’s because they only show to those who love them.

I’m not talking about the stars in the sky, neither about those in movies. I’m talking about upbeat magical stars created by the sunshine. Those that you can only capture with the camera πŸ™‚ Most of the time they are sunbursts, glistening shiny sparkling lights. They like to hide though. If you want to see them, you really have to want very hard… but when they show they are literally magical. Here for instance is a swan floating on stars. She was like the Queen of the Rhine River (Germany), in a fairy-tale. (Absolutely no Photoshop work on it). It is part of my “Swans Nuptial Dance on the Rhine River, Germany” post on

Stars are magical - Fery-tale on Rhine River, Germany

** TIP: Photographing starbursts is quite easy, by setting your camera to long exposure. All you need is a narrow aperture such as f/22 and focus on the bright light. (I’m not sure I said it already, but I always wear sunglasses when doing this)

You can find shining stars behind leaves, branches, under roofs, everywhere. You can see them in the dark, as well as in a brightness of the day… But you have to know how to look for them… πŸ™‚

This one for instance was hidden high in a tree on a sunny autumn day. I posted it in my previous “autumn colors and foliage in photography” page.

Autumn colors and foliage with sunburst

This one just appeared on a forest road in the darkness of the night.

Magical star in the forest at night

Stars are magical in every season or environment

I had the chance to see some nice ones at wintertime in Canada. This is one of them as the sun was going down in Ontario:

Winter sunset with star in the forest - Ontario, Canada

… And here is one that has just been featured in the “Camera Art” gallery at Fine Art America: Magical Star Of Light And Ice:

Star Art Print featuring the photograph Magical Star Of Light And Ice by Tatiana Travelways

One day in the summertime, one showed up over the Canadian Museum of Civilizations in Gatineau, Quebec. I love this image and used it as the top banner for my Graphic Web Design Website:

Sunburst over the Canadian Museeum of Cilizations in Gatineau, Quebec
Magical star - sunburst on an organ pipe silhouette

Sonoran Desert is a wonderful place to visit. It extends from Southern Arizona all the way to Baja California in Mexico. And if you are lucky enough, you can catch a magical star through the branches of an organ pipe cactus at golden light.

Talking about Baja California, a beautiful star revealed itself to me while I was walking on the Pacific Ocean promenade in San Quintin, Mexico.

As I love them, many beautiful stars appeared along my travel ways. Here is another I captured on a cold morning above a golf course in Lexington, Michigan.

Sunburst over the golf course in Lexington Michigan

Now you can see why I think that stars are magical πŸ™‚ For this reason, they can also make beautiful gift ideas for wall, home decor and accessories.

**TIP: Always use sunglasses when photographing starbursts you can get blind otherwise! And BTW, I almost never use a tripod πŸ™‚ Not in bright light at least… You can end up like in this fun story so nicely written by Graham: Sunburst Surprise

Stars can make Magical Gift Ideas

All these photos and more are available as high quality art prints with many options to choose from. Here are some examples.

Magical Stars for Wall Decor as framed art prints, canvas and posters:

Organ pipe with starburst at golden light framed art print
Fairy-tale on Rhine River framed art print

Magical Stars for Home Decor and Accessories:
Sunburst Over The Water In San Quintin Baja California, Mexico Tote Bag
Golden Leaves And Sunburst Throw Pillow

What about a greeting card for the winter holidays?

Magical star of light and ice winter greeting card

I hope you enjoyed my magical stars πŸ™‚ Click on the photos for more options!

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