Beaver Work

This is a beaver work! You may have guessed already by seeing the photo. I guessed it immediately too, even though I had never seen something like this before.

We know of course about beavers and the fact that they chew wood. But from guessing it to seeing it with your own eyes makes a big difference. I tried to imagine the amount of work it took to do this. It’s a good size tree for a beaver but it was almost entirely cut to the point of maybe falling…

I was wondering what the purpose was for the animal doing this. The obvious answer to me was that they eat wood. Many would have thought the same, but there were too many small pieces of wood around the tree… So, maybe he didn’t eat it. Maybe he just wanted to make one of those constructions these animals are so famous for? That supposition didn’t stand up either – the tree was too big for that purpose. Hmm…

Beever work - tree chewed by a beaver in the forest

A good zoology lesson

Later on I asked a local about what I had seen – we were in Ontario, Canada.

Here is the explanation and I’ll share with you this piece of knowledge: Beavers don’t eat wood. They eat bark and the pulp right under it. Chewing the hard part of the tree is a necessity for them though. The nature built these animals with big long teeth to serve their lifestyle. However, these teeth are constantly growing… huh! Therefore, they need to chew hard things to keep their teeth of a reasonable size πŸ™‚ Is this not so very interesting? Lucky me I noticed that scene and photographed it. Otherwise I would have never known about this! A great lesson in Zoology – Is Nature not amazing?

Beaver Work Gift Ideas

I think that this picture can make a great addition to the walls of a children’s room. Along with the explanations from this post, they will have a zoology lesson illustrated, easy to remember.

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It can also make an interesting wall decor for any other room. With this print you will always have a subject for an interesting conversation with your guests πŸ˜‰

Beever work framed art print over the counter

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