Laundry Day In Nova Scotia

It was Laundry Day In Nova Scotia. I should better say on Briar Island, NS.

I don’t know about others, but I’m often attracted by real life scenes. Rural houses and laundry will always get my attention. I noticed this nice house almost at the edge of the water. It was a beautiful sunny day and the laundry was hanging out to dry. A very contemporary perfect rural scene in the Atlantic Canada, in vertical and square format.

Laundry day in Nova Scotia is a photo I will always like to look at. Everything looks so homey and it inspires happiness. I can still smell the freshness of those clothes just by looking at them πŸ™‚ The blue-gray wooden walls, steep roofs  and high brick chimneys were just so picturesque. But look at the sharp clean lines and angles, almost like made with a ruler! I also liked the fact that I could see part of the landscape behind. A typical summer scenery in the Atlantic Canada.

Laundry day in Nova Scotia prints and gift ideas

If you like Nova Scotia you can see  this picture and others in my Atlantic Canada gallery as fine art prints. It has been featured in several Fine Art America galleries like: “Canada 150”, “Your Very Best Photography”, “Arts Fantastic World”and “Picturesque Neighborhoods”.

This is how it can look like as a wall decor over the counter – the popular print size is 24.00″ x 36.00″:

There are a lot of gift ideas in my gallery. The photo can easily fit into any home decor or accessories shapes, like a Throw Pillow or Tote Bag or Coffee Mug. Even my friend Becky who loves squares can find one πŸ™‚

Laundry Day In Nova Scotia Throw Pillow
Laundry Day In Nova Scotia Tote Bag
Laundry Day In Nova Scotia Coffee Mug

Thank you for visiting my Giftsmart website, and I hope you will come back soon for more great Gift Ideas!

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