Bike with Flowers

I’ve seen this bike with flowers front homey decoration in the front yard of a “Bed and Breakfast” house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia.

I really liked the creativity of the lady owner of this B&B to use an old used  bicycle  as  a holder for some flower containers. It was a sweet day of September, with golden warm light and the flowers were bright and colorful. This piece of yard decor was beautifully complementing the Nova Scotia style two story building, welcoming guests to knock the door… How nice! Instead of being forgotten and thrown in a garbage, this old bike had been given the main place in the yard. She’s standing like a hero of the house, welcoming the visitors.

I couldn’t ignore this scenery of course, and photographed it. Moreover, I decided to make it as a digital painting – it deserves it. Not only, but I uploaded it to my Digital Work Collection. If you like it, it is available as art print for wall and home decor.

Art Prints

This is what it can look like as a framed print on your wall. * By default, the frame is simple black, but you can select from a variety of shapes and colors and sizes. Click on it to see all the options:

Bike with flowers Framed Print on wall
Bike with flowers Framed Print on Wall

Accessories and Gift Ideas

In my gallery, you can also see it and buy it as gift ideas with various options. Just click on the pictures to find out:

First of all, I think that the beautiful bike will make a nice Nova Scotia greeting card:

I also think that the hero of the garden can proudly make a great pillow for your sofa, a happy tote bag, or decorative shower curtain. Just click on them and take a look at all gift ideas available:


Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back to my GiftSmart website for great coming gift ideas!

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