Hang Yer Hat At Our Place

Hang Yer Hat At Our Place – An old funny cowboy poster

Hang Yer Hat At Our Place poster by Tatiana Travelways

This is an antique deteriorated and scratched Wild West sign, but as cool as you can get ๐Ÿ™‚  It was hanging sapless on a wooden fence at a country restaurant in Arizona, in the Route 66, not too far from Las Vegas.  I was attracted by the beautiful graphic art and the slang title. There were many other vintage signs and antique objects all over the place there… It looks like people in this area really like to collect things. This one however I thought it was particularly valuable, and funny too ๐Ÿ™‚

I just wanted to have it for my self, so the only way to get it was to photograph it – I also thought to shoot it with the wooden fence in the background for more authenticity – if you hang it on the wall it really looks like it is mounted on wood… It is available in my Fine Art America gallery as art print for wall, home decor, accessories and Gift Ideas. Jut click on the images to see the options

So, Hang Yer Hat At Our Place, and fill like home! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hang your hat at our place art print

You can can however have it framed if you want – I suggest the brown color that will make the blue poster stand out more. But there are many options, sizes and ways to have the Hang Yer Hat At Our Place poster yours. It also makes a great gift idea too for Wild West lovers. Just click on the image and you will see:

Hang Yer Hat At Our Place framed art print

In terms of home decor this Wild West poster can go on a duvet cover, or on a throw pillow, but if you want to joke, a wooden bath towel can be a fun idea:

Want more fun? What about a T-shirt? Several options are available – just click to see:

Check my “Cultures and Civilizations” gallery for more gift ideas!

For the fun of challenges:

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