Spanish Pink Rose

There are many types of roses and they are all beautiful – right? To be honest I have no idea if this was a Spanish rose or not. I took this photography in Andalusia, Spain, thus the title of the picture πŸ™‚

There were several roses in that garden and I photographed a few… What attracted my eyes to this particular one, was its delicacy and the small ant crawling on a petal. I uploaded it to my Society 6 gallery and called it “A rose with a friend

Pink Spanish rose with a friend Art Print by Travelways

An argument about the symbolism of colors may appeal to you. Myself, I found that this delicate light pink rose produced me a feeling of peace, love and joy. Hoping that my image inspires you to same kind of sentiments, I have some gift ideas for you.

Pink Spanish Rose Gift Ideas

I like Society 6 because of such a diversity of prints. They start with the wall and home decor and continuing with a variety of products. BTW, most of them are totally unique.

Look how nicely the Pink Spanish Rose can look as a Floating Acrylic Print on the wall! – Several dimensions are available:

Pink Spanish Rose Floating Acrylic Print by Travelways

The art prints for wall decor go on. From canvas and framed canvas, to mini prints, posters, metal prints, I have them all. Of course the framed art prints with several versions are available as well. When you click on the picture above, you will see all the other options. Other things that are unique here and I really like are the

Pinks Spanish Rose for Home Decor

The mugs, pillows, clocks, shower curtains, duvets or throw blankets, are there. However, what’s unique are the rugs. Whether for the inside floor or for outside patio. Have you ever walked on roses petals? Now it’s your chance πŸ™‚ ** A welcome mat is also present.

But maybe some other products would be more appropriate for this delicate flower. The examples below show the Tablecloth, Laptop Sleeve and the Throw Blanket. Just click on them to see all the options:

Pink Spanish rose with a friend Tablecloth by Travelways
Pink rose Laptop Sleeve by Travelways
Pink rose Throw Blanket by Travelways

Pinks Spanish Rose prints for Accessories

In this category, you can find all kind of jewels. Phone covers, tote bags, greeting cards, backpacks, or electronics,etc. Oh.. you name it, and you’ll have it πŸ™‚

Did I mention this Wine Chiller for a romantic soiree? Here it is. Cheers!

Pink Spanish rose with a friend Wine Chiller by Travelways

PS: Just in case you want to see a perspective of the garden, where this rose was, here it is. I uploaded it to my Fine Art America gallery:

Spanish pink rose in the garden by tatiana travelways

It is available as high quality art prints. Here is how it can look as a small-medium print above your counter:

Spanish Pink Rose print Tatiana Travelways

You can also chose from the available home decor prints, accessories and gift ideas. Some examples would be: the tote bag, or phone case. And… why not a nice pink duvet cover. By clicking on them you will see many other ideas:

Spanish Pink Rose Tote Bag by Tatiana Travelways
Spanish Pink Rose iPhone 13 Case by Tatiana Travelways
Spanish Pink Rose Duvet Cover by Tatiana Travelways

Check my floral gallery for more gift ideas!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back to my GiftSmart website for great coming gift ideas!

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  1. Very nicely done, Tatiana. I like the way you started with a wonderful floral image and then showed how it might look on a variety of home decor items. Great image and great post – good to see you back blogging once again.

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